California Auto Insurance

California Auto Insurance

California Auto Insurance law

Minimum California Auto Insurance Requirements

How much coverage does the state of California Department of Motor Vehicles require motorists to carry?  Like all states, you are required to obtain minimum liability and other auto coverage requirements in California.

Under California’s low cost automobile insurance program requirements, you are required to obtain $15,000 of bodily injury liability insurance per person, $30,000 of bodily injury liability insurance per accident, and $5,000 in property damage insurance. You must carry proof of policy financial responsibility in your vehicle.

California Low Cost Automobile Insurance

Buying a car policy in California is easy. You are required to meet liability requirements but you want low cost rates too.  But how do you find cheap California auto insurance?

Auto insurance carriers’ rates have profit.  Insurance carriers file insurance rate filings with the state of California Department of Insurance for rate compliance.  But, some car insurance companies charge more than other car insurance companies.  You can compare different insurance companies rates to obtain low cost automobile insurance.

Some premium factors you cannot change like if you are a teen driver.  But, you can also do more than compare car policy rates to get best rates and save money on your auto insurance.  Review these premium factors:

1.  Maintain a good driver license status.  You will obtain a low rate without any violations of DUI laws, distracted driver laws and all other motorist laws or policy claims.  Good motorists have low vehicle insurance rates.  Ask your car insurer if a motorist continuing education program help lower rates.  Good motorists make good customers.

2.  Compare auto policy rates before buying a car.  Vehicle insurance rates are expensive for high cost cars.  You can obtain a low rate with an inexpensive car.  (Use this useful information to know before buying a car.)

3.  Place all your risk with one insurance company.  Place your home, business, motorcycle, life, and health insurance with one insurance company not multiple insurance companies.

4. Ask your agent questions for better terms and insurance deals.  You will better know your premium options.

5. Ensure your insurer has the right information about your driver license report and policy.  False licensee info like a DUI law violation, coverage change, etc.?

Some of The Best California Auto Insurance Companies

Some of the best companies do business in the state of California.  The most popular California auto insurance companies include: State Farm, Nationwide, All State and Geico. You can obtain California auto insurance quotes online.  Also, call or contact an insurance company with questions before buying online.

How To Compare Quotes

Easily compare quotes:

1. Obtain at least three car California auto insurance quotes.

2.  Compare three or more of these policies with the premiums factors you can control.

3.  Call or contact these companies’ auto insurance specialists online.  Work your particular risk factors against the companies’ premium factors and find the best rate.

4.  Compare the coverage amounts each policy provides such as liability, comprehensive, bodily injury.  Obtain a policy that meets the state minimum amounts.  Compare the policy with the rate to see which company will have the best rate.

Free California Auto Insurance Quotes

1.  Simply enter your a valid zip code in the zip code boxes on our site and hit enter.

2.  Choose quotes from these licensed companies, compare them and find the best rate.

3.  You can also obtain a policy online.

Tip: Some of the most common searches are for Los Angeles auto insurance quotes, San Diego auto insurance quotes, San Jose auto insurance quotes, San Francisco auto insurance quotes, and Fresno auto insurance quotes.

Find the best rates for your car.