Georgia Auto Insurance

Georgia Auto Insurance
Learn how to find Georgia auto insurance quotes and buy low cost auto insurance. Learn the Georgia state minimum requirements to buy the right Georgia auto insurance in order to legally drive. Also, learn which main factors affect rates, how to get low rates and how to get free Georgia auto insurance quotes right here online on our site for Georgia auto insurance.

Georgia Auto Insurance Minimums

In Georgia, the legal requirements, in order to legally drive, licensed drivers must have minimum liability insurance, (financial responsibility). Licensed drivers also need proof of this financial responsibility. The legal requirements in order to legally drive in Georgia is:

  • $25,000 bodily injury liability per one person
  • $50,000 per bodily injury liability per accident
  • $25,000 property damage.

Drivers must carry proof of financial responsibility, (coverage) when driving. Licensed drivers must have a policy information card proving they have the right proof of financial responsibility. A policy information card is the common way to show proof of financial responsibility to a law enforcement officer. Also, licensed drivers need this information when they renew their license or vehicle.

Premiums Factors That Affect The Average Car Insurance Premium Ratings.

1. Driving Record. The biggest premium factor affecting an average car insurance premium is your driving record. Find out if your company has the right record of your license. Without knowing if they have the right record of your license, you will pay more even with low cost insurance.

Licensed drivers who have tickets pay more, depending on the offense: ie. Licensed drivers will pay more if convicted of distracted drivers laws or failure to provide proof of insurance.

Drivers who have been convicted of DUI laws or driving without insurance pay much more. Drivers who buy a policy to reinstate a suspended license also pay much more. The type of offense affects the average car insurance premium. You pay less if you are a safe driver.

2. Claims Record. Drivers who are a large source of claims of insurance companies pay more. These drivers cost companies more. You will pay more if you were involved in an at fault accident, caused property damage and loss. You pay much more if you were involved in an accident and caused both property damage and bodily injury damage and loss as bodily injury damages are greater than property damages.

How To Get Better Rates

1. Improve Your Driving Record. Improve your driving and your driving record and claims record and your rates will also improve. Remain in compliance with minimum coverage required.

2. Ask Questions. Ask your agent about additional insurance discounts for good customers. Ask is there a Georgia teen driver discount? Discounts if only one accident or less in 5 years? Discounts for no at fault accidents?

3. Buy All Insurance From Same company. Buy all of your insurance from the same company for discounts. Motorists get better rates and premiums if they buy car insurance with their current insurance company for their personal, property, mobile home, motorcycle and truck insurance.

Insurance Company Protection and Service

1. Protection. Make sure that you check out all insurance companies for their protection and service. Make sure the policy meets minimum legal requirements.

Check your auto insurance policy information Declarations Page. See if the company’s coverage will let you remain in compliance with the required coverage and insurance in your state. Ask about additional coverage types, amounts and their costs. Learn more about uninsured coverage and underinsured coverage. There are many drivers who are not licensed and without insurance.

Service: Ask your agent about their service when you have an auto accident or claim. Does your company offer additional claims hours or a 24 hour claim service? Do they have advanced insurance services such as a claims office or damage agents who come to your home? Can you call or contact them right now for acceptable proof of financial responsibility when a law enforcement officer stops you and you do not have acceptable proof of financial responsibility? You want an insurance company with great service.

Ask if your company has an online insurance site. Do they offer additional online service such as paying online or filing a claim online? Do they offer discounts if you buy online insurance?

FREE Georgia Auto Insurance Quotes

1. Enter your zip code in either zip code form on this site. You will receive a free local car insurance quotes for area from Georgia auto insurance companies and agents.

2. Click on as many free Georgia auto insurance quotes as you want. One quote is not enough. You save more if you compare more quotes.

3. If you find an insurer with the right quote and coverage, you can buy a policy online at their site.

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