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Maine Minimum Amount Of Coverage–An At-Fault Accident State

The Maine Bureau of Insurance requires Maine drivers, licensed or not, to buy a minimum amount of liability coverage for financial responsibility The law requires drivers to have:

  • $50,000/$100,000 bodily injury per person/per accident
  • $50,000/$100,000 uninsured/underinsured motorist per person/per accident
  • $25,000 property damage. Maine does not drivers to carry comprehensive and collision coverage on vehicles.

The law requires Maine drivers to carry proof of insurance and financial responsibility in these minimum amounts of coverage.The state of Maine has an at-fault tort system. If a driver is at-fault for an accident then, such driver is liable for damages from the at-fault accident. The driver’s insurer is also liable for the at-fault accident covered by the policy. Please know that tort systems vary from state to state.

Factors That Affect The Policy Premium

1. Buy All Policies From The Same Insurer. Buying different policies from different companies will not save money. To get discounts and lower rates, buy all your coverage from the same insurer. Group your medical, personal, home and business insurance with your auto policy and save money. Make sure all family member drivers are with the same insurer too.

2. Ask Your Agent For Discounts. Make sure to question your agent for available discounts. Ask about premium discounts for higher deductibles. High deductibles mean less loss and liability from damages. You may get discounts and better protection from coverage.

3. Driver Education Courses. Ask your agent about discounts for driver education courses. Many companies offer discounts to drivers who complete driver education courses for accident prevention.

Because rates for younger drivers are higher, find out about good student and good driver discounts. See if driver education course may help to lower premiums. Younger drivers can benefit from accident prevent courses.

4. Ask For Discounts On Auto Safety Devices. Ask about auto safety devices like electronic brakes and lights. See if discounts are available for them.

5. Low Loss and Claims Experience Equals Lower Premiums. Your current number of claims and loss affect premiums. Drivers who have had a number of claims experience high premiums. They are high loss drivers. Such drivers may not have the ability to even find coverage. Drive safely with no loss or claim for three years or more and insurers will charge less premium.

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